This Man One Ups Tesla By Inventing a New Electric Car That Never Needs Charging.



New Electric Car

The concept of the electric car has been around for a long period. With some other revolutionizing technology, it has taken a while to actually bring them out, as well as have them on the market. It would be excellent just to throw out all of the red take-ups which delays the process. But our world does not work that way. In fact, it is quite the opposite, and in an industry which is dominated by oil, it is hard to make your presence felt.

Giant corporations have some monopolies on technologies like this. They themselves will want to control the clean energy market, just as they have been with regards to oil. Clean energy technology has huge implications, not just from an environmental standpoint, but a geopolitical one too. Maybe that is why it is taken so long for a lot of them to see the light of day. A lot of them never do. It is great to see some companies like Tesla out these, but by now, it should also be illegal for any manufacturer to make a car which runs on oil rather than electricity or some other form of green energy.

Take, for instance, the “Invention Secrecy Act,” which was written up in 1951. Following this act, patent applications on new inventions can be the subject to secrecy orders. Such orders can restrict their publication if the government agencies believe that their disclosure would be harmful to the national security.

Could this be the major reason why so many revolutionary inventions have never seen the light of the day?

As it has been reported by the Federation of American Scientists, there were over 5000 inventions which were under secrecy orders at the end of the Fiscal Year 2014, which marked the highest number of secrecy orders in effect since 1994. Steven Aftergood from the Federation of American Scientists reports:

The list from 1971 indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generations were subject to review, as well as a possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient. The energy conversion systems were also likewise subject to review, as well as a potential restriction if they offered conversion effectiveness in “excess of 70-80%.

This may be pretty crazy, but it definitely gives you something to think about.

We are also pleased to report one new development from Sangulani Chikumbutso, who has actually now become the first Zimbabwean to design, as well as make an electrically powered vehicle and a hybrid helicopter, among other gadgets through his company, SAITH Technologies.

What is so special about this? It is that he is actually producing electricity via electromagnetic waves; radio frequencies. As it is explained on his website:

By revealing undisclosed substance to radio wavelengths, the Eco-friendly power generator has actually the capacity to funnel the power generated into function electrical energy. His assertion is pretty always that he has moved past the rules of preservation of energy as generally comprehended as equivalent shift of energy from a single form to a different one proclaiming that this kind of “discovery” actually displays the application of some basic gel battery packs in series of 220 volts generating a greater output in electrical power (500,000 Watts). We are not sure how this claim could be allayed. Therefore we wish at some discussion board researchers are going to put the statements to test.

This is probably old news to some people, but Collective Evolution recently came across. A news broadcast from Zimbabwe aired the story, one of the news leaders SABC Digital News of Africa.

Absolutely zero publicity – what is actually happening now?

You may think that an electric car which does not require a charge, and can basically run indefinitely, would be some huge news. But, it is not, and it appears such technologies never are.

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