The shares were issued


The shares were issued at a price of NIS 18 per share, 10% lower than yesterday’s closing price, and 17% lower than yesterday’s price, before announcing the intention to issue.

The company’s closing value was NIS 183 million yesterday, but the company was traded on the preservation list because of the public holdings (the company was merged into a stock exchange shell). According to the company’s reports from yesterday, the issue is expected to enable it to return to the TASE’s main list.

Enter wine, get a degree: the wines come from the winery to the academy

Cannabit is currently building a Cannabis breeding farm which it intends to operate independently and intends to grow for a world-class company until the stand-alone facility is ready. The company has recently received approval to import the seeds that will be used to grow the first round of plants to be used by the company to prove the health status of the Ministry of Health to obtain a certificate of proper growth (GAP). Only after growing 180 seedlings for inspection and destruction, it will be able to grow for the market.

Cannabit recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital for the supply of its products to the hospital for treatment and research, when Cannabit will receive the marketing authorization for them and a marketing agreement with Canadian company Namaste, which is traded at a value of $ 122 million -CVE in Canada.

The cannabis companies, which are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, are beginning to translate their rising valuations into investments into companies. At first, investments were made from private entities, such as the Gary Figel Group, which invested $ 12 million in InterCure, the Barak Rosen Group, which invested NIS 32 million in cannabit, and the Ido Hajaj Group, which invested NIS 8 million in Yu Nibu.

The next step is recruitment from the public and confidential. Tadira signed an agreement to raise NIS 10 million from the insurance training group, and last night a cannabit company


 Has completed the largest public offering of Cannabis in Israel to date, at NIS 31.4 million. The issue was closed in light oversubscriptions and the company raised the asking price and almost the maximum amount requested.