NICE stock


A value of 7.7 billion is nice. But is NICE worth it?

NICE has grown into a gorilla in its field – but what is its representative profit, why does it neutralize the profit from amortization of intangible assets, and in what P / E ratio is it traded?

Nice, one of Israel’s oldest and most successful technology companies, is traded on Wall Street and on the local stock exchange at $ 7.7 billion. The billions may be less exciting – we have a list of about 10 technology companies trading at a billion plus, and several exits worth a billion plus.

But, we do need to get excited about it. This is not a trivial matter, it is the lifeline of the Israeli economy. You can look at the half-empty glass and ask, What would happen if you did not have the high-tech? And it can also be argued that Israel is divided – “neat” high-tech and all the rest, and you can look at the half glass full, and internalize that these companies that are here contribute to everyone, and the future of the local economy.

These companies pay taxes (some of which may not be enough), employ workers, create employment and services around them, drive the growth in consumption and increase economic growth. These companies, in historical terms, also provided you with an excess return on savings (mutual funds, pension funds, provident funds, etc.). After all, maybe you do not know but your savings have high-tech blue and white (maybe not enough).

NICE, which develops software in the areas of customer service centers and fraud prevention and focuses on cloud services, is probably the most fascinating example of all – mainly because it shows that persistence is paying off. This company was applied as a concept of some members of the 8200 unit that became a small business, which became a company that raised capital from investment companies (then hardly any venture capital funds), and soon went public.

100 times the initial offering