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Victory basket and 50 points: Lillard ousted Oklahoma

A show and a crazy three for Portland Guard who set 115: 118 and sent Westbrook home. Philly and Toronto completed 1: 4 and set a date for the next round, 2: 3 for Denver on the Spurs

The first round of the NBA’s 2019 playoffs is coming to an end and the night (between Tuesday and Wednesday) has ended with two more series in the East and one in the West, which also provided the biggest drama. Portland, came to the game with a 3: 1 advantage and was on the safe road to losing, until Damien Lillard arrived in a 115: 118 final with a crazy victory basket and sent Oklahoma home. In the other series West Denver went up to 2: 3 against San Antonio, after 90: 108 and in the East, Philadelphia (100: 122 over Brooklyn) and Toronto (96: 115 on Orlando) finished 1: 4 and met in the next round.


Portland (3) – Oklahoma (6) 115: 118 (1: 4 to Portland in the series) Russell Westbrook? Damien Lillard! That’s how you can best define what happened on the parquet in Oregon tonight after a huge drama, the local team sent the Thunder home and completed 1: 4 in the most insane way, with one player responsible for providing an unforgettable playoff appearance. 50 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 10 threes, above all of which was of course one crazy with the buzzer, it was Lillard’s lot after game number five, which he will not forget many years ahead.