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ertugrul gazi

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Amir Ghazi Ertugrul bin Suleiman Shah Qaywi Turkmen (Ottoman Turkish: ارطغرل ؛ ارطغرل .

(Ertuğrul)) is a, Turkish word. and is made up of two words “ار” and “طغرل”, “er” ,means man, soldier. Or “hero” while “tugral tuğrul” means eagle bird, [2] which is known as the strong bird of prey, [3] thus “ertagrul” means eagle person, eagle soldier or hunter hero, etc. (4] (Died: 1280) was the son of Sulayman Shah, chief of the Qai tribe.

a branch of the Turkish Oghuz, and the father of ‘Uthman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

And buried in Anatolia The city is located in Soghot. Ertugrul Ghazi was a brave, fearless, fearless, wise, courageous, honest and fearless soldier.

He remained loyal to the Seljuk Empire all his life. Inspired by Ertugrul’s services, Sultan Aladdin Kiqbad granted him a jagir in Soghoth and other adjoining cities, as well as the title of “High Commander”. After that all the surrounding Turkish tribes came under his rule.

About ertugrul gazi

Reliable historical references indicate that Ertugrul belonged to the Qai tribe, a branch of the Ghaz Turk tribes, [6] and his family was called Beg (Sardar).

The tribe was religiously affiliated with. The history books do not contain solid information about the life and activities of Ertugrul.

although they are historically based on coins minted by his son ‘Uthman I.  In these coins, Usman I had his father’s name, Ertugrul, multiplied.


However, according to the Ottoman collection of documents, Ertugrul was the son of Turkmen Shah Suleiman the Magnificent.

the chief of the Qai tribe, who marched to the Byzantine frontier to rally all the Turkic tribes against the Mongols and the Crusaders. In the Ottoman documents,

According to Ottoman tradition, [9] after the death of his father Suleiman the Magnificent, Ertugrul went to Rome with his companions and demanded land from them. Later, some events took place on this land which later led to the founding of the Ottoman Empire.

why this

Due to the militant activities of Ertugrul and other Ottoman sultans for the sake of the glory of Islam.

Ertugrul Ghazi remained loyal to the Seljuk Empire throughout his life, but in the last days of his life the Seljuk Empire was breathing .

its last and the Mongol Empire had occupied, all of Anatolia (present-day Turkey) which was of great concern to him.

His dream was to establish a great Islamic empire. So Ertugrul’s youngest son, Ghazi Uthman I, fulfilled his dream and founded a great Ottoman Empire.


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