Can Someone Really Put a Curse on You?


Is it extremely feasible for somebody to put a revile on you or send awful vitality your way? The straightforward answer is truly, nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that the awful vitality needs to affect you.

Much the same as you can send great wishes and vibes out into the Universe you can send negative ones also. These can be purposeful and cognizant or they can be oblivious.

At whatever point we ponder somebody or feel desirous about somebody, basically we are sending them awful vibes, and these awful vibes don’t simply impact the individual however they likewise impact the earth and your very own vitality levels as well. They additionally add to the bringing down of cognizance for the whole planet.

Conveying terrible vibes or putting a revile on somebody has results, which is the reason we need to ponder ourselves as well as other people however much as could reasonably be expected. All things considered, as the old principle of enchantment states-what you convey returns to you multiple times over.

Along these lines, while it is feasible for somebody to send terrible vibes or even put a revile on you, this negative vitality can just infiltrate you on the off chance that you are in a lower condition of awareness.

When you are vibrating on a higher recurrence, when you take measures to ensure your vitality, and keep your contemplations positive, no revile or terrible vitality can hurt you.

When you are in a low vibration or working with dread, almost certainly, you will see the terrible vibes around you. This doesn’t really imply that somebody can really hurt you, however it can make it harder for you to venture out into the light and locate your positive.

As it were, we are always fighting off negative energies throughout the day. The awful mind-sets individuals bear, the forceful drivers out and about, these individuals can just truly influence us if our mind-set is low or we are in an additional touchy state.

Notice how when you are in a decent temperament you don’t see these apparently negative things. Notice how diversely you travel through the world and how individuals interface with you.

When you are vibrating on a more elevated amount, you see the world diversely and no measure of reviling on awful vitality being sent your direction will have the capacity to cut you down.

There are numerous approaches to raise your vibration and your vitality levels, for example, concentrating on appreciation, pondering, being imaginative, moving your body, etc, yet on the off chance that you presume that somebody is sending awful vibes your way, here is the thing that you can do –

Clearing a Curse or Bad Vibes

1.) Close your eyes and envision a delightful white light around you. See the light covering your whole body and expanding outwards so it encompasses your physical and vigorous body.

2.) Once you have a reasonable visual, envision all the terrible vibes being sent your way as a billow of dark smoke before you. On the off chance that you know the individual who has been sending terrible vitality your way you can likewise picture their face.

3.) See the foreboding shadow of awful vibes before you. Realize that your brilliant light is securing you and these terrible vibes can’t infiltrate your shield. Presently envision embracing the billow of awful vibes or the individual who is before you. As you embrace them, envision the wonderful white light from around you purging and diffusing the negative vitality. See the dark billow of awful vitality before you swing to white light. See the individual before you swing to white light.

4.) As you are holding this white light visual in your brain, rehash the Ho’ponopono serenade “I am sad. If it’s not too much trouble excuse me. Much obliged to you. I cherish you.” Repeat this multiple times.

5.) Now envision yourself venturing again from this vitality. See yourself unadulterated and entire with the white light in consideration surrounding you. Rehash unobtrusively to yourself multiple times-“I am sheltered and I am constantly secured. Divine vitality is dependably around me.”

This straightforward exercise will diffuse any negative vitality being sent your direction and will likewise assist you with clearing your own.

Keep in mind, don’t be dreadful! Nobody can hurt you without your consent, nobody can cross your vivacious hindrances except if you enable them to. You are in charge!

In the event that you require more help, ask your soul aides and gatekeeper heavenly attendants to help secure you and protect you. You can likewise approach Archangel Michael, who is known as an extraordinary defender in the blessed messenger kingdom.


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